Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Joy List

Couple of weeks ago I started working on my 'Joy' List. The idea was to list out everything that I enjoy doing and see the possibilities of filling my day with those activities, so that I do things that I enjoy and have a great day. The very first surprise of the exercise was the length of the list. I did not have to wrack my brains to come up with the list, in the very first sitting I had listed 10 plus! Over the next two sittings the list grew and touched 30!! I suspect the list may grow with time as I experience new activities and begin to like it. The second surprise was that only 10 of the things in my joy list found space consistently in my Life. The third surprise was that many of the things that I enjoy doing bundled together would earn me a living. So if I planned well the word 'Work' would disappear to a great extent and would be replaced by 'Joy' as I enjoy doing it!

Let me introduce you to my Joy list, I have processed and categorised it into three parts, although they are not stand alone silos.

Category number one is about Relationship - First on the list is Bina the love of my life for 26 years. I enjoy her company and cherish what we have together as a couple. Then comes my two sons and my daughter, we have great time together as a family. Extended family, Friends and entertaining make up the rest of category No. 1.

Category two is centred around me. The list consists of activities that you may consider mundane or boring but I love doing them. Walking, Reading, Writing, Eating, Giving, Sleeping, listening to music, Interior decoration, Experiencing Nature, Having Tea, Weekend movie are some of the things that make up this category.

Category Number three is about those items that I enjoy doing and get paid for. I would not want to think of it as work because I enjoy doing them! Problem Solving, Facilitating learning sessions, Creating Learning Programs, Mentoring, Brainstorming, Public speaking, Planning make up the last Category.

Now that the Joy list is compiled and handy, I turn to it every time I feel life is becoming mechanical to pick up something that I enjoy doing and do it. Our day to day routine is made of many activities which may be mundane or unexciting but if you know your ‘Joy list’ you can make a better day with things that you enjoy doing.