Sunday, January 9, 2011

There is Life After Christmas & New Year !

Ken my son pointed out to me that the Season of Joy is over and that I should change my status message in Google chat “Looking forward to the Season of Joy!" I had put that message in the beginning of December in anticipation of all the good times to come in the month. Yes the Season of Joy is over and it is back to work and the routine.

We took out the Christmas decorations and dismantled the tree over the weekend and boxed it away. The house does look a little dull having been stripped of all the Red and Green Christmas deco along with the tinsel.

After a month of great food, fun, bonding activities with family and friends at home and in church, suddenly life too may look a little dull. Most people who celebrate Christmas and New Year go through this feeling of emptiness or even sense of depression after the first day or two of the New Year. Some bounce back quickly others struggle through till they reach the starting of another exciting event like a Holiday plan or a weekend do etc. Having gone through the emptiness spell post Christmas and New Year in the past, I thought I would share with you some thoughts to keep the excitement alive in life regardless of which month it is . . .

To start with focus on the Gift of the New Year that you have been given. Plan on what you will do with it, both on the Professional and Personal front. Next break down your plan into activities and events spread over the 12 months of the New Year. Remember that you have been given a new canvass and it is an appropriate time to kick off a lot of change, find new ways of doing things, Look for smart solutions, take risks and achieve lofty Goals! Once you have a robust plan in place, throw yourself into it and get busy to make it happen.

Ideally the plans should be made before the New Year just after Christmas, so that you have something to look forward to post the New Year day but it is never too late to get on the planning mode even now. Mundane plans and activities will not excite you and so make sure to attempt something really big in the New Year. It could be in the area of finding an exciting new job, skilling up for it, or using your talents to make significant difference to those who are not that privileged or it could even be kicking off a personal transformation journey to be a light to all those around you!

In addition to your exciting New Year plan, work on events or activities that will bring back the excitement through good times, the fun times, the family times and personal times on a weekly basis. For me personally, even though I have been married to Bina for 28 years, Fridays are very special as I have a date with Bina every Friday evening and I look forward to it. Saturday morning is personal time and I indulge in some of the things I love to do (see my earlier post on things I love to do) Sunday is family time at church and home and we enjoy the fellowship over lunch at home with the extended family.

When the weekend is over I never feel sad for I have an exciting plan to pursue come Monday morning at work! So a combination of weekend plans and your exciting New Year plan can take the empty feeling away and keep the excitement alive for you. Try it!