Thursday, April 30, 2009

I AM Back !

Wow! Time really flies . . . It has been more than a year since I keyed in my last  post.    I did not plan on such a long absence from my blog . . . The truth is I have procrastinated a year plus in getting back here. Why did that happen? I suppose my main reason for procrastination was the excuse that I needed to have some quality time to get my post created.  I realise now that such a time never happens, I need to go the extra mile to create it.   Now that I am back, I am tempted to do a quick re-run in my mind of the 14 months that I was away with the question, ‘Did I really rejoice in those months?"   


Looking back couple of events stand out, first was the passing away of my dad in April 08. I took time to recover from that,  but looking back  I rejoice in the fact that he had lived a full life and has been a role model in many ways  for all of us in his immediate family, among his friends, relatives and in his neighbourhood. His concern about my welfare in terms of whether I was being taken care of by his domestic staff as I camped in his house, and he lay in the hospital bed in pain, is something that I will always cherish as heights of selflessness. 


The next one was more of a process than an event, the long road to achieve my dream of launching my own learning organisation. The preparation was more to do with moving out of IBM, where I worked for 12 years in various Senior positions.  At times it looked like I would never get around to doing all that was needed to hand over my role to my colleagues who were to take over from me. Then in the middle of it, with 90 days to go for my last day, recession made its ugly presence felt and a period of uncertainty followed. Everyone was asking me the same question, “Is it the right time for you to throw up your well paying job and go on your own?". Even my boss asked me to rethink.  


I thanked everyone for their concern and going out of their way to help me and   with faith in my God, I went ahead and launched my dream in Feb 08. I rejoice at the many lessons that I learned through that transition and I can say that 'a peace that passeth all understanding', envelops me as I work on marketing and getting business for my dream venture.


The other ‘Rejoice’ items were my Friday date with Bina, family night on Saturday and Church times on Sundays.     I continue to look forward to the weekends; it is great time with family and friends.  In-between all this there was a great holiday which Bina and I pampered ourselves to, in the heart of nature in Kumarokkom Lake Resort. I loved every minute of it.


Yes I have been rejoicing . . . tough times and hard times will come and go. We have no control over it but we can find reasons, create events and process to rejoice!    

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back and rejoicing. There is much to rejoice about though we sometimes loose it in the cacophony of loud worry voices and such. Keep rejoicing!!