Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New York Post II

I am loving it here in New York. . . Technically I am not in New York, I am in this beautiful city of Danbury , an hour and thirty minutes drive from JFK. After arriving here, I found that it is actually in another state altogether - Connecticut . Well it doesn't matter, I will continue with the heading 'New York Post'. The weather, ( the sun came through yesterday, it was a bright and cheerful day. I loved the chill too) the scenic beauty, the cleanliness and orderliness all around has kindled in me a happy feeling. My US colleagues are amazing,they go out of their way to make sure that I am comfortable . They are always there to help . . . rides to the meeting venue, drop back to the hotel, ready to include me in their dinner plans and even willing to drive me to the super market to pick up a bunch of bananas!

One of the things I dread about my US trips, is the bland food. I love spicy food and miss it when I am travelling in US. However this time, I have actualy enjoyed the food . I am looking forward to the team dinner tonight at a fabulous Indian restaraunt. Last night we were at a stake house with my American friends and I actually enjoyed the experience . The rustic decor, the buzz of people talking ,laughing and enjoying their meal transported me to a happy state of mind. I normally avoid stakes, in fact all red meat, for pro-active health reasons. Last night was different, even though I had a choice, I ordered a stake!
While waiting for our meal, we were allowed to raid the salad bar and heap our plates with a interesting selection of salads. I was thrilled when I came across some seasoned chillies . . . my evening was made ! It didn't end there, at the end of the meal,when I was getting ready to pay my share, we were surprised to hear that the tab was being picked by our project sponsor . May be there are no free lunches but I had a free dinner ! Later at the Hiltonflected on the day, I realized that I could not have asked for a better day ! I did have my share of woes, but I decided to focus on the brighter side and that helped . . . Yes yesterday was a great day and I am sure today will be as good or even better !

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